Virtual Office

You have started your business everything is going well but you feel your business is lacking in professionalism, you’re working from a residential address or missing calls because you’re out seeing customers. The problem is that you are not yet in a position to commit or don’t want to commit to the overheads you would conventionally have to to gain these services.

A virtual office is the solution to this problem; essentially you are creating the impression of a more established business to your customers. As touched on before there are two main areas to a virtual office, creating an address or mailbox and telephone services. At Office Flex we have experienced virtual offices to be beneficial from the smallest of sole traders to large multi nationals with field based staff.

 Addresses and Mailbox

A virtual office mailbox gives you the opportunity to give your business a physical presence, well at least the image of one. The majority of virtual office suppliers are based in city centres and part of the package they will allow you to base your business from their address, meaning as far as your customers are concerned your business is an established business with offices in a city centre address. Obviously the registration of a business to an address comes with mail and customer enquires, depending on the packages the particular supplier offers will depend on how mail and customer enquires are dealt with.

Telephone Services

Telephone services can vary from supplier to supplier, some will create a company number of your choice (giving you a level of professionalism above listing a mobile number for example) others will take care of incoming phone calls but the majority will do both. Phone calls will be answered however you wish and then transferred out you or messages taken. What services are available really depends upon your supplier.

For the right business at the right time a virtual office can make a massive difference to how a business is perceived not only by customers and but all stakeholders. Everything from tradesmen and retail shops to corporate companies can benefit from a virtual office.

At Office Flex we offer all the services we have covered in this post and we are currently helping a number of local businesses. If there is anything we can do for your business please get in contact with us at or call us at 01243 929122.

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