Mobile Working

Could you be running a business that was easier, more efficient and have happier staff?
The concept of mobile workspace and flexible offices has become huge in the USA. Companies no longer have to pay out for leasing, expensive overheads, maintenance and wages for staffing. The video below from an American company summarises exactly the possibilities available using mobile workspace and virtual office. Companies of all sizes can benefit from virtual offices and flexible working.

With the introduction and development of the cloud  and cloud based programmes has enabled companies such as AppleMicrosoft, Google and Dropbox revolutionise how business can be successful and those are just the biggest. Businesses can work remotely and benefit in all areas from CRM systems such as Salesforce to cloud based accounting. This recent article from the guardian below shows exactly these developments and also touches upon the growth of flexible working with the cloud.

This has in turn seen a huge growth in businesses leaders allowing their employees to work mobile. The infographic to the right shows the change in the USA  and the key information for many employers would be the 19% rise in staff morale, happier staff make a better business.

Well thats is a quick run down of how modern working is sure to change. Office Flex will be bringing these office services to Chichester. Allow your business to be at the front and prosper get in touch!

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